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For those surfing the Japan interweb looking for more reading material, you've come to the right place. Scroll away!

Please note that the opinions and voices of these bloggers are theirs alone, and does not reflect those of Kansai & Beyond. 

If you come across any troubling content, please contact me.


ALTTO is about living in Japan as teaching in Japan. Tons of guests to share their story, ideas, ALT experiences, and learning Japanese etc.

The Real Japan

Rob owns a website that helps with trip planning & a blog with lots of information for your future trip.

From Kentucky to Tokyo

Jessica is a writer and blogger sharing about her life in Tokyo.

The Yokohama Life

LaShawn has been living in Japan since 2011, and she shares what life is really like living and working in Japan!

Grey, Grizzled, and Gaijin

Craig Hoffman is an established writer in Japan with a great blog about various recommendations, Japan life and culture.

Will Be

All about travel (Japan and the world), Muay Thai and life in Japan!

Envy Plays

A game and themed cafe blog based in Osaka.


A Brit in Japan, blogging about her adventures and life in Japan!

Forever Friday - Retire in Japan

A Canadian teacher workings towards early retirement in Japan.

Go Go Goshuin!

A blog about Goshuin and Goshuincho (temple stamps and stamp books).

Friends in Ramen

The chronicle of a New Yorker living and eating in Osaka.

From Pineapples

Travel tips, stories, and adventures from around the world - and a guide on how to get a long-term visa in Japan!

Kady's Blog

Kady Potter is a copywriter and comedy writer - she has a lot of great blogs about life in Japan.

Japanese Rule of 7

Ken Seeroi writes a lot about Japanese culture; lots of amazing reads if you want to increase your knowledge for your brain!

Stefanie, What?!

A life in Japan blog and other adventures abroad.

ALT Insider

Lots of great resources, postings and podcasts for current ALTs and English teaching in Japan!

KumaGaijin's Japan Guide

A blog on Japan and life in Japan.

Emma Loves

Daily Life of a JET in Tokyo, and other musings on travel, lifestyle and beauty.

Kirk is from Jamaican in Japan and blogs about life, gaming and learning Japanese.

Kansai Culture

A photo blog about festivals, events, attractions, nature and history in the Kansai region.

Kristen Abroad

Japan travel tips & guides. Food, beer, adventure, culture, language, living.

Qiraat in Tokyo

Qiraat moved to Tokyo with her husband Wil at the end of January 2018. This blog is about their life in Japan.


A blog about Japanese films and festivals in Japan and abroad.

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